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Welcome to U4GM.COM, we were established in 2016, Company name Yiwu Zouxian E-commerce Firm (Register Number 92330782MA2AB8P78Q), Registered in China, Yiwu City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province.

Contact Number:+8618650632669.

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We have been focusing on MMORPG Game Gold, Products for more than years. We are your trust website with high reputation.

Why Choose us?

We provide Safe, Reasonable and Professional!

We need plenty of gold every day, if you want the exchange to cash, you can contact us anytime, for the one-time sale or the cooperation to be our suppliers are both welcomed.

Certainly, most of the sellers worried about being scammed. From the beginning, some of our partners mentioned that too. About this point, it's not most important said we are a big company or website brand, something like that. cause we have a more realistic approach, that is starting from the foundation, build trust with each other. Like we can trade part of the gold you have or the amount you prefer. After that, if you think there is any problem with the rate or the time we pay, you can completely not cooperate with us anymore. but no exaggeration to say, all the sellers who contact us thought we are reliable, and worthy for long-term cooperation until now. So what are you waiting for?

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There are three methods you can contact us to sell:

Skype1: Coolyou8    Skype2: CassieU4GM  


We look forward to hear from you ! 


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