Detailed and Popular POE 3.6 Gladiator Cyclone Build

This build is very flexible with what items you can use with it. The Coming Calamity, which is one of the core items, isn't even required to be able to run late game content. As an example, you could replace the Coming Calamity with a Kaom's heart and craft/buy a minion helmet. This would net you a lot of life, but it might leave you with some hassle to solve the %mana reserved issues. Thus I recommend you to use the PoB links to get a guideline of what to aim for with the various budgets, the rest I leave up to you. In section 4.1.3. you can find a list of gear alternatives and what affixes to look for on your rare items. You may also want to look through the comments of this thread as plenty of good alternative setups have been posted there!

POE 3.6 Gladiator Cyclone Build

This build should be a pretty good choice for a league starter as long as you don't want to go super fast. It will take a while to get all the desired items, but if you take a look at the low budget setup you'll see that you don't need much to get it going.


3.6 Changes
A few QoL improvements were made in the 3.6. Patch. The most noticable will be that Convocation now has a 4 second cooldown (from 8), and besides that, there were some reductions of mana costs for the build's support spells. There's also small damage nerf of about 9% due to changes done to hatred.


Pros & Cons:
+ Can do all map mods & content
+ You are immortal 83% of the time!
+ Works well on a budget
+ Delving made easy (not sure how deep it can go yet though)
- A bit weak to Degen damage
- Not the fastest mapper
- Getting all the corruptions can be hard/expensive


Painforged -> Versatile Combatant -> Violent Retaliation -> Blood in the Eyes


- Soul of Solaris provides many really nice defensive benefits for when you actually get hit

- Soul of Shakari. Poison Immunity.
- Soul of Yugul (upgraded) 5% Reduced cold damage taken if hit recently. Good for Über Elder / Shaper.


Kill them all


Gems Link:
Body: Herald of Agony - Pierce - Damage on Full Life - Minion Damage / Minion Speed + Vile Toxins + Empower 4 / Maim / Vicious Projectiles / Minion Speed
Gloves: Cyclone - Life Gain on Hit - Fortify/Blood Magic - Withering Touch/Fortify - Faster Attacks - Poison
Boots: Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 1) - Desecrate (lvl 7) - Spirit Offering (lvl 8) - Convocation (must be lvl 6 or above)
Helmet: Hatred - Generosity - Enlighten - Abyssal Cry
Weapon: Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic/Fortify
Shield: Tempest Shield - Curse on Hit - Temporal Chains


Über Elder Kill

Shaper / Über Atziri / Phoenix

Chayula's Pure Breachstone

T14 Acid Lakes


PoB Link: 
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

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