Latest POE 3.6 Elementalist Incinerate Build

Incinerate is really a fire spell, that launches a torrent of fire from a character's hand. The longer character repeatedly casts the spell from the same place, the bigger and much more damaging the flames come to be.

Path of Exile Content

In Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis, Incinerate has Mana Price at gem level 1 is now 2 (was three). Mana Cost at gem level 20 is now four (was five). Now gains radius and radius per stage because of the gem levels, up to +5 radius per stage (from +4) and +19 radius at max stages at gem level 20 (from +15). Now bargains three to five Fire damage at gem level 1 (unchanged) and 140 to 210 Fire damage at level 20 (from 129 to 194).

This make was created out of a wish to go off present meta in 3.6 and give some really like to unrightfully forgotten to Incinerate skill with 3.five reworked Martyr of Innocence employees. It is actually a self-cast semi-crit create. I wanted it to be versatile, all path of exile content capable and most important, to be exciting to play. With that in mind, I attempted not to sacrifice defenses and make a build with sufficient life that can take a hit or two including über Elder. I also focused on maximizing the area of impact for very good clear speed and scaling of cast speed (over 14casts/sec) to effortlessly reach max dps perspective in action. It's quite straightforward to create but if you get stuck ill be there to assist out. 

Pros & Cons:
+ High life pool, goes over 7.5k life for Uber Elder fight
+ Very high harm, ~3+ million Shaper dps (see Shaper demolition video)
+ Great clear speed, huge AOE
+ All content material viable
+ Acrobatics&Phase Acrobatics, up to 75%/75% dodge
+ Easy Uber Lab, one-shots Izaro due to preloading of 8 Incinerate stages
+ Easy boot swaps for UE fight
- Can't do elemental reflect maps, hexproof + no regen together (very rare)
- Chaos and Phy's harm can hit hard

Normal Labyrinth - Shaper of Desolation
Cruel - Beacon of Ruin
Merciless - Pendulum of Destruction
Ethernal - Mastermind of Discord

Gems Link:
6L -Incinerate (Employees - Martyr of Innocence / The Searing Touch)
Incinerate - Controlled Destruction - Combustion - Faster Casting - Infused Channeling - Concentrated Effect (Increased Location of Impact for mapping) 
4L gloves or helmet
Herald of Ash-Anger-Enlighten(lvl3)-Clarity(lvl 1)

4L gloves or helmet
Vaal Righteous Fire-Arcane Surge(lvl four)-Orb of Storms-Flame Dash 

4L should be in boots so you can easily swap to Kaom's Roots!
Immortal Call(lvl10)-Cast When Harm Taken(lvl9)-Increased Duration-Vaal Grace(lvl10)

Major- "Soul of Brine King" or "Soul of Lunaris"
Minor- "Soul of Tukohama"  while channeling we are stationary and most vulnerable

For Uber Elder
Major- "Soul of Lunaris" because you will be wearing Kaom's Roots and be immune to stun
Minor- "Soul of Yugu" to reduce cold harm taken which is dominant in UE fight

Kill all.

PoB Link: 
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

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