Path of Exile 3.6 Incinerate Most Popular Build Guide

Incinerate is a fire spell, that launches a torrent of fire from a character's hand. The longer character repeatedly casts the spell from the same location, the larger and more damaging the flames become.

In Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis, Incinerate has Mana Cost at gem level 1 is now 2 (was 3). Mana Cost at gem level 20 is now 4 (was 5). Now gains radius and radius per stage as the gem levels, up to +5 radius per stage (from +4) and +19 radius at max stages at gem level 20 (from +15). Now deals 3 to 5 Fire damage at gem level 1 (unchanged) and 140 to 210 Fire damage at level 20 (from 129 to 194).


[PoE 3.6 Elementalist]Dragon's Breath Build

This build was made out of the desire to go off current meta in 3.5 and give some love to unrightfully forgotten Incinerate skill with 3.5 reworked Martyr of Innocence staff. It is a self-cast semi-crit build. I wanted it to be flexible, all content capable and most important, to be fun to play. With that in mind, I tried not to sacrifice defenses and make a build with enough life that can take a hit or two including Über Elder. I also focused on maximizing the area of effect for good clear speed and scaling of cast speed (over 14casts/sec) to easily reach max dps potential in action. It's pretty straightforward to make but if you get stuck ill be there to help out. 

Pros & Cons:
+ High life pool, goes over 7.5k life for Uber Elder fight
+ Very high damage, ~3+ million Shaper dps (see Shaper demolition video)
+ Good clear speed, huge AOE
+ All content viable
+ Acrobatics & Phase Acrobatics, up to 75%/75% dodge
+ Easy Uber Lab, one-shots Izaro due to preloading of 8 Incinerate stages
+ Easy boot swaps for UE fight
- Can't do elemental reflect maps, hexproof + no regen together (very rare)
- Chaos and Phys damage can hit hard

Normal Labyrinth – Shaper of Desolation
Cruel – Beacon of Ruin
Merciless – Pendulum of Destruction
Ethernal – Mastermind of Discord


Kurgal, the Blackblooded @359 depth

***Deathless Uber Elder*** 

***Uber Atziri, Queen of the Vaal***

Shaper & Friends full run

Full Minotaur Run

Argus & Izaro, Ethernal Labyrinth

Gems Link:
6L –Incinerate (Staff – Martyr of Innocence / The Searing Touch)
Incinerate - Controlled Destruction - Combustion - Faster Casting - Infused Channeling - Concentrated Effect (Increased Area of Effect for mapping) 
4L gloves or helmet
Herald of Ash-Anger-Enlighten(lvl3)-Clarity(lvl 1)

4L gloves or helmet
Vaal Righteous Fire-Arcane Surge(lvl 4)-Orb of Storms-Flame Dash 

4L should be in boots so you can easily swap to Kaom's Roots!
Immortal Call(lvl10)-Cast When Damage Taken(lvl9)-Increased Duration-Vaal Grace(lvl10)

Major- "Soul of Brine King" or "Soul of Lunaris"
Minor-"Soul of Tukohama" while channeling we are stationary and most vulnerable

For Uber Elder
Major- "Soul of Lunaris" because you will be wearing Kaom’s Roots and be immune to stun
Minor- "Soul of Yugul" to reduce cold damage taken which is dominant in UE fight

Kill all.

PoB Link: 
Skill Tree:
Example Link:


[PoE 3.6 Chieftain]Chunky Chargrill - Incinerate CwC Volatile Dead Build

3.6 Update:
Updated the skill tree to the 3.6 for the leveling assistance image and also in the Path of Building link.
Removed the desecrate totem set up from the suggested skill gems. Included the 'Elemental Focus' skill gem in the PoB as a precaution to the crit changes.

This build is designed to be an SSF high-level mapper with good overall clear speed, good survivability, decent single target damage (with some work from the player) while not relying on any specific gear other than 5 or 6 links (farm a tabby in blood aqueducts).

This is a very good league starter due to the good balance of damage, survivability and no gear requirements. There are a few variants to the build which will be detailed later, but the main body of this guide is to cover a very simple and effective version of the build that is easy to get up and running that can be modified as you wish later.

This build gets pretty much all of the damage from gem links, abyss jewels, and the skill tree.
As a result of your gear just needs to focus on life and resists.

Gems Link:
Incinerate - Cast while Channelling - Volatile Dead - Combustion - Controlled Destruction* - Fire Penetration (if you only have a 5 link drop fire pen until you get a 6 link)

*Controlled destruction may need to be switched out for Elemental Focus depending on what impact the crit changes have. I can't tell for sure until the league goes live.

Shield Charge - Leap Slam - Fortify - Faster Attacks (Having two movement skills is very much a weird preference of mine and is by no means a requirement, so pick which one you prefer and go with that)

Desecrate - Spell Cascade - Faster Casting
Warlords Mark - Blasphemy - Herald of Ash
Blood Rage - Enduring Cry - Vaal Righteous Fire - Increased Duration

Kill all for the 2 points.

Take the chieftain ascendancy points in the following order:
1. Ngamahu, Flame's Advance
2. Hinekora, Death's Fury
3. Tawhoa, Forest's Strength
4. Ramako, Sun's Light
Two and Three can be taken in either order on your own preference

Major - Soul of Lunaris - Fully Upgraded
Minor - Soul of Shakari - Fully Upgraded
These are my preferred pantheons as they patch out a few of the counters that the current content is likely to throw at you fairly often.

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:


[PoE 3.6 Trickster] Beginner Friendly Incinerate League Starter Build

This build is to be strong and reliable campaign and early map clearer. Highly recommend reading ingame help/tutorial panel for the basic understanding of the game's fundamental mechanics. Such as links and sockets.

Pros & Cons:
+ Absolutely smashes campaign's dps checks
+ Gets really fast without investments (thanks Trickster buffs)
+ High tempo play style
+ Screen length flamethrower is fun!
- Channeled skills can occasionally feel clunky (looking at you Izaro)
- Requires a certain amount of cast speed to feel good, mostly obtained via levels and ascendancy, getting to max stacks relatively quickly is important
- Relies quite heavily on life flasks and overall ability to dodge for life sustain thorough campaign and mapping, until you can find a source of life leech that works with spells.
- High tempo play style

- Normal Labyrinth: Weave the Arcane
- Cruel Labyrinth: Ghost Dance
- Merciless Labyrinth: Escape Artist
- Eternal Labyrinth: Swift Killer

Gems Link:
Incinerate - Combustion - Immolate - Infused Channeling - Controlled Destruction - Onslaught support/Empower lvl 3+/Fire Penetration support

Note on gems: do not use Controlled Destruction until you have Swift Killer or other sources of power charge generation. You need at least 5% crit chance on incinerate to proc Elemental Overload reliably. You can substitute it with Fire Penetration or Increased Area of Effect.

Utility: Mainly for bosses and other beefy enemies, for example, Betrayal encounters.
The wave of Conviction - Curse on Hit - Flammability - Arcane Surge(level 6)

Movement 1: We go zoom with Trickster
Shield Charge - Faster Attacks Support - Fortify

Movement 2: To cross over gaps
Flame Dash - Faster Casting

Auras and Buffs: These do not need to be in the same item, just have them somewhere without affected by support links as that would increase %mana reserve.
Anger - Herald of Ash - Clarity(lvl 5/6) (- Arctic Armour)

Leveling Guide:
- You unlock Incinerate on beating Act 1, around level 12. I used Explosive Trap and Frost Bomb to reach that point, using random wands/scepters I could find. Explosive Trap takes care of beefier enemies, while Frost Bomb linked with Onslaught Support keeps you running.
- Pick up Combustion and Infused Channeling supports and slot those into free sockets so they will gain exp while you are using skills listed above, Combustion is alright support for Explosive trap, but not mandatory damage wise at this point.
- Clarity & Flame Dash are quest rewards from Act 1
- Incinerate feels disappointing on the earlier gem ranks, while it has damaged it lacks range. Potential supports if you want to start using it now are Infused Channeling, Combustion and Onslaught, I'd still use the explosive trap for single target damage, it is that strong.
- You unlock Herald of Ash and Wave of Conviction in Act 2
- Act 3 you can really start incinerating enemies with the 3 aforementioned support gems.
- Anger aura
- Act 4 nothing new to be gained
- Acts 5-7 is where this build will occasionally feel squishy as your Incinerate doesn't quite have screen wide range. Damage is there though, most definitely is.
- Act 6 Grab remaining support gems from Act 6 Lily after doing her quest and slot em into open gem slots if you have some spare ones, so they gain XP for later.

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

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