POE 3.6 Ascendant Ice Nova Build For Detailed Guide

POE 3.6 Ascendant Ice Nova Build

The basic concept of this build:
Using CoC+Nova, plus Frostbolt on cospri, and other cool things like Arctic breath and Vortex, to create multiple casts of Ice Nova per trigger! As well as a good use of the 3.5 cold skills new mechanics! But, This build needs lots of POE Currency Trade Orb, so the player needs to be prepared.

Gems Link:
Kaom's Root is not mandatory for this build (if you're using Cyclone, you don't need it at all! This has lots of Cyclone Builds). you can get Dusklight or rare boots, even Atziri's step and Garukhan can do just fine.

Let me explain a bit the mechanics:
First, we got the 6-Linked Carcass Jack (which received a decent buff with the AoE), a typical BF-CoC-IceNova setup. We're using Increased Crit. Chance for more procs, and Hypothermia instead of Elemental Focus because we need the defensives from Chill and Freeze.

The next will be the 3L Cospri: GMP-Frostbolt-Ice Nova
And on another item, Vortex-Bonechill

Here's how it works:
Frostbolt will let Ice Nova cast again, up to 2 frostbolt duplicating per Ice Nova. which basically means the Ice Nova will double its damage if there's enough frostbolt in front of you!
Cospri's Ice Nova can also proc on frostbolts as well!

Vortex can provide multiple benefits including end-game encounters, you can easily cast it since its an Instant skill! (where you cannot apply chill that easy).

The ascendancy can be very flexible, however, I would recommend Assassin for crit chance, power charges and a decent start point from the passive tree.
-For instance, if you don't like Kaom's root and want to take advantage of Pandemonius' blind effect, you can choose Jugg.
-If you'd like more damage and some ailment immunity, take Inquisitor. (my personal choice)
-If you're using Cyclone instead of Blade Flurry, you might want to get the Champion node for fortifying.
-Raider for infinite frenzy charges and onslaught, and even Slayer for the overreach.

Assuming you have all gods captured and unlocked:
Major gods:
Soul of Lunaris: for general mapping, Elder/Uber Elder, Hydra, Chimera, Phoenix, etc.
Soul of Solaris: for Shaper, Minotaur, Purifier, Enslaver, Catarina, Phoenix, etc.
Soul of Arakaali: for Eradicator, Constrictor, etc.

Special Note(from @Malzamist): the recovery from Arakawa's minor god Arachnoxia is insane (especially when it's combined with the Acuity). 
Minor gods:
Soul of Gruthkul: for Minotaur (cyclone), general mapping, etc.
Soul of Tukohama: for Minotaur (Blade Flurry), general mapping, etc.
Soul of Yugul: for Elder/Uber Elder, Hydra, etc.
Soul of Ralakesh: for general mapping (to reduce the dot from Blood Rage)
Soul of Shakari: for any encounter that involves chaos dot and poison.
Soul of Abberath: for Enslaver, Phoenix, etc.
Soul of Garukhan: for general mapping.


Cyclone Version mapping showcase (T15 Carcass):

Harbinger, etc:

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

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