POE 3.6 Berserker - Varyag,Ancestral Warchief Build

This builds not so good at speed mapping, but still, have a mid+ speed of clearing. The main purpose of this build is bosskilling and farming whole game content from scrap without any big investments.

Pros & Cons:
+ big numbers of damage at maps and bosses
+ high survivability o_O
+ nonmeta items cost almost nothing
+ easy to start from nothing
+ possible to do any reflect maps, even t16 corrupted guardians. but it will take some time =) totem spam it's not fast
- not the fastest map clear speed
- totems are not for everyone
- no life regen maps are a bit problematic, but still doable with war cry spam and a little help of life flask

Normal lab -
War Bringer. our main hp recovery and some damage from Rage.
Cruel Lab - Aspect of Carnage. 40% more damage.
Merc and Uber lab - path to Rite of Ruin for double rage effect.

Major god is Soul of Solaris. For maps with projectile chains better swap for Soul of Lunaris for immune to chained projectiles because there will be a lot of chained projectiles to you from totems.

Minor god is Soul of Shakari for poison immune and more resistant to poison clouds.

Gems Link:
Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Dread Banner - Immortal Call - Enhance - Flame Dash

Ancestral Warchief - Melee Physical Damage - Brutality - Maim - Concentrated Effect - Ruthless

Herald of Purity - Enduring Cry - Empower - Vitality

Faster Attacks - Shield Charge - Fortify 

Ancestral Warchief - Ruthless - Maim - Culling Strike

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:


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