POE 3.6 Occultist Ice Nova Build For Detailed Guide

POE 3.6 Occultist Ice Nova Build

3.6 Synthesis Patch:
Due to the fact patch 3.6 brought many changes/adjustments to spells some will have an effect on this develop:
1) The total harm output on bosses is drastically enhanced, on account of the lowered curse immunity of bosses 66% (from 80%)
2) Ice Nova includes a slightly lowered harm, but practically nothing to concern about.
3) Ice Nova has a more rapidly cast time of 0.7 (from 0.8)
4) The crafted mod "x% non-chaos harm as extra chaos damage" is gone/omitted. You might take into account crafting "x% of cold damage as further chaos damage" as an alternative in your multi-crafted staff. 

Pros & Cons:
+ insane AoE harm output -> the whole screen explodes and shatters
+ utilizing a build with 4 courses (two offensive curses + 2 defensive curses)
+ fairly safe to play, because everything gets chilled/frozen
+ do all content in the game (as a consequence of "Void Beacon" even HoGM variable) 
+ funny, refreshing playstyle
- expensive to min max 
- cast Ice Nova onto Frostbolts -> needs a bit of training...
- only Flame Dash as a movement skill
- two 6-links highly recommended 
- no ele reflect maps 

Gems Link:
first 6-link:
1) Frostbolt (quality increases global cold harm)
2) Greater Multiplier Projectiles (quality reduced harm debuff)
3) Curse on Hit (quality increases curse effect)
4) Frostbite (quality increases curse effect)
5) Slower Projectiles (quality increases harm)
6) Quicker Casting (quality increases castrate)

second 6-link:
1) Ice Nova (quality increases AoE)
two) Hypothermia (quality increases chill duration)
three) Controlled Destruction (quality increases damage)
4) Faster Casting (quality increases castrate)
5) Concentrated Effect (quality increases damage)
6) Spell Echo (quality increases harm)

first 4-link:
1) Curse on Hit (quality increases curse effect)
2) Herald of Ice (quality increases (global) cold harm)
3) Enfeeble (quality increases effect)
four) Elemental Weakness (quality increases effect)

second 4-link:
1) Flame Dash (quality increases cooldown)
2) More quickly Casting (quality increases cast speed)
3) Less Duration (quality reduces skill duration)
4) Clarity (no quality needed)

third 4-link:
1) Vaal Cold Snap (level 11) 
2) Cast when Harm took (level 9) 
3) Immortal Call (level 11) 
4) Improved Duration (level 20) (quality grants more duration)

Ascendency: Occultist
1) Forbidden Power
2) Profane Bloom
3) Malediction
4) Void Beacon

1) Soul of Lunaris
2) Soul of Gruthkul
Note: capture all souls with divine vessels -> solid defense buff!
Keep in mind, that it is beneficial to swap the minor god on "Aul, the Crystal King (delve boss) to Yogul 

Help Alira (more crit + more mana regen).

Shaper Kill:

Delve Mine at depth 376:

Random T15 Lava Lake Playstyle: 

Mathil′s Version (less harm / less curses) Video guide

PoB Link: 
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

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