PoE 3.6 Synthesis New Unique Items Guide

Last year proved to become a massive 1 for Path of Exile players because the game received fairly a few content material updates that changed and modified the game planet in all sorts of new and fascinating techniques.

The action-RPG Path of Exile has been out due to the truth 2013, nonetheless, it remains remarkably widespread and deeply embedded inside the major one hundred games on Steam. The December 2018 release together with the Betrayal update was basically its greatest but, and today developer Grinding Gear Games unveiled the subsequent huge step within the game's progression: Synthesis, a new Challenge league in which players develop their really personal dungeon by assembling different puzzle pieces collectively.

Inside the Memory Nexus, players need to battle via decaying memory fragments where they have to kill monsters and hit memory stabilizers just prior to the disintegrating vision consumes them. That is definitely the sort of issue you wish to get appropriate 1st time.Synthesis also introduces a new challenge league, shakes up the implicit mod system with the use of fractured merchandise, and introduces two new spellcaster archetypes for players to try out. Here’s what PoE 3.6 Synthesis New Unique Items a recent preview and PoE Currency for sale.

Anger, Hatred:
We're also making some adjustments to Anger and Hatred. The damage bonus from Anger has been boosted, bringing its added damage to a point that is comparable with Wrath. Hatred now grants more Cold Damage, Making it grant a strong benefit for all cold skills, but the physical damage as extra cold damage has been reduced to compensate.

Flame Totem:
While we're rebalancing many skills in our 3.6.0 expansion, we're also doing a full rework to two existing skills. One of these skills is Flame Totem, which is being repurposed into a Divine-themed skill which has new mechanics that interact with Consecrated Ground and new visual effects to match its divine abilities. 

In addition to its projectile speed and damage being rebalanced, Flame Totem's fiery projectiles will deal physical damage with half the damage converted to Fire. In addition to some new passives in the Templar's area of the skill tree, this should open up some new synergies with the physical conversion. 

While Flame Totem is active it creates Consecrated Ground around its base. Flame Totem's special Consecrated Ground also grants immunity to Curses to you and your allies while they are standing in it. 

Consecrated Ground itself is also changing. In addition to regenerating the life of you and your allies, it will also cause hits against enemies in the Consecrated Ground to have increased critical strike chance. This will benefit Flame Totem's critical strike chance against enemies near it and your other skills against enemies near where you've placed your Flame Totem.

Storm Burst:
Alongside the new league, a huge number of spells are being rebalanced. A few are also receiving mechanical changes, the most extreme changes being to Storm Burst. Today we're going to go over all of the changes it's receiving. 

While you channel Storm Burst, orbs of lightning are created around your target. While you channel, they jump towards your target and release bursts of damage. By moving where you target while you channel, you can direct them to enemies to create a swarm of electric death.

They'll last for a few seconds, but if you stop channeling then the orbs will detonate immediately in a large area, dealing a portion of their remaining damage. This lets short casts deal damage quickly in a sizeable area, while long casts have higher overall damage as more orbs are created and deal their damage over their full duration. 

The skill is no longer projectile based, removing the requirement of additional projectiles supports. Instead, the skill will focus on being an area and duration skill. It now deals Physical damage with half converted to Lightning, to fit with its new divine aesthetic. Because of these changes the skill now benefits from some changes to the Elemental passives near the Templar that now benefit spells that convert Physical to Fire or Lightning damage.

Storm Barrier Support ‚Äč(teased in the announcement page but no details yet).

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